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The Smoke Show - Smoker's Pack

The Smoke Show - Smoker's Pack

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  • 1 Alberta Natural Angus Brisket (15-18 lbs)
  • 1 Alberta Heritage Pork Shoulder (10 Ilbs)
  • 2 Thick Cut Side Heritage Pork Ribs (3lbs Each)
  • 2lbs Natural Alberta Platinum Chicken Thighs

This package is made for the wannabe or actual competition smoker:

First event Brisket, and we want you to win so we’re giving you the best Brisket because even a rookie can’t mess this one up!   

Second event Pork Shoulder, Alberta Heritage Pork, but just the money muscle as they call it in the big leagues.

Third event ‘Thick Side Ribs’, again Heritage Pork but cut into the belly for yah... giving you the fat to make the judges drool.

Fourth event, the one and only bone in chicken thighs from our Platinum Alberta birds that have been eating their vitamins and doing the workouts to plump up and won’t dry out in front of a crowd

Some competitions have a fifth event which is competitors choice so check out our add on page and choose a beauty!

Gluten Free/Sugar Free