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VDG Salumi Charcuterie Pack (825g)

VDG Salumi Charcuterie Pack (825g)

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VDG Salumi proudly offers farm-to-table salumi, using protein sourced from local free-range farms in Alberta that we know and trust. Recipe tested for more than 10 years, and made entirely by hand in small batches

VDG Salumi Charcuterie Box (825g) includes: 

One of each:

  • Finocchiona (Fennel) Salami - 165g
  • Tartufo (Truffle) Salami - 165g
  • Strolghino (Prosciutto) Salami - 165g
  • Pistachio Salami - 165g
  • Sopressata (Spicy Calabrian) Salami - 165g