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Wagyu World Box

Wagyu World Box

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An assortment of some of the best Wagyu from around the world

From Alberta to Japan - What a great way to get your hands on some very unique and hard to find Wagyu products from around the world

2 - 8oz Japanese Wagyu Striploin (Grade A5)

2 - 8oz Samuria Canadian Wagyu Ribeye (Grade 8-9)

2 - 4oz Tajima Australian Wagyu Tenderloin (Grade 9)

1 - 32oz Tajima Australian Wagyu Brisket (Grade 9)

2 - 10oz Brant Lake, Alberta Wagyu Sirloin (Grade 7-8)

2 - 1lb Brant Lake, Alberta Wagyu Ground Beef

All items are individually cryovac'd and delivered frozen