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Our Sources

We source the finest farm-raised meats and specialty products from our partners:


High River, AB 

Brant Lake Cattle is family–owned and operated.  The original Wagyu herd was established in 1993. It started with 19 wagyu cows and full blood Wagyu bulls. Since 1993, the herd has expanded to a Wagyu/ Angus cross herd using predominately Black and Red Angus cows and Full blood Wagyu Bulls. We have since grown our numbers allowing us to share with other consumers this distinctive quality of beef. As passionate cattle producers, we are committed to refining our Wagyu cross herd to result in a superior tasting, consistent and healthy beef. Along with partner producers, we raise this Wagyu/Angus cross herd and purebred Wagyu herd to bring consumers some of the best beef in the world.


Calgary, AB

North Sea Fish and Farms is a locally owned business and has been in operation for 50 years supporting the community. We offer restaurant quality products for home delivery or pickup.  Our products are of the highest quality at a great value! We buy local whenever possible but due to the nature of seafood, we do buy from ethical sources from around the world. We provide a wide range of products from the sea!


Calgary, AB

Established in May of 2016, Jenny's Delectables began the production and sale of Gourmet Stuff'd Potatoes, an all natural home-cooked product that quickly grew in popularity throughout Southern Alberta. Available only in Farmer's Markets for the first 2 years, Jenny's found a new home on the shelves of many stores in Southern Alberta and garnered the attention of larger grocery store chains such as CO-OP, Sobey's, and Freson Brothers. Currently in over 400 stores from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and parts of BC, Jenny's is growing at an incredible rate. With a commitment to local growers and the absolute freshest ingredients available, Jenny's continues to supply the highest quality gourmet food products possible. With the head office in Calgary, the growing demand for Jenny's products is a testament to our unwillingness to waiver from the highest standards. 


Okotoks, AB

Mountain View Poultry is located just west of Okotoks and supplies us with free-run broiler chickens. Their poultry is not fed antibiotics and they process the birds they raise in their own provincially inspected plant.


Champion, AB

Ewe-Nique Farms raises their lambs free-range on the lush pastures of their family farm in Southern Alberta. Their lambs are raised without artificial growth hormones or animal by-products and are finished on a natural grain and hay ration. Ewe-Nique processes their lambs in their CHR-approved meat cutting facility at the farm.


Canmore, AB

Valbella Gourmet Foods was established in 1978 by Walter and Leonie von Rotz in beautiful downtown Canmore. Over 40 years later, Valbella's 40,000 sq.ft. plant is producing only the highest quality sausages, hams, charcuterie products and much more! What began as a small 1,000 sq.ft. plant has progressed over the last 40 years into a 40,000 sq.ft. production plant overlooking Canmore’s Three Sister's Mountains.The European style sausages, hams and air dried meats quickly found their way into Banff’s famous Hotels and Restaurants, and can now be found at gourmet dining establishments, fine hotels and first rate food markets throughout Alberta.  Valbella’s commitment to excellence paired with its European traditions and simple love for fine food, has allowed it to stand out as one of Western Canada’s most recognized meat processors. Walter’s constant product innovation and keen market sense keeps customers and top chefs awaiting new and tantalizing products, whether they be for a gourmet menu, or simply for a backyard BBQ party.


Calgary, AB

Originating an hour west of Edmonton in the small hamlet of Evansburg, Grandma Lucy became well known in the area for her incredible cooking and baking skills. One of her staples were the perogies which her mother, who came over to Canada from the Ukraine, taught her to make. The decades-old tradition has been kept alive by her daughter Judi and grandson Jared, who are now located in Calgary, AB. With a commitment to quality and flavour, using whole ingredients and made entirely by hand, these perogies are unlike any you have tried before!


Blackie, AB

We get our pork from AW Meats, a farm located Southeast of Calgary. AW Meats’ animals are free of growth hormones or other chemicals and they process them on site, limiting the trauma to the animal associated with transportation. As a family farm, they take great care to assure customer satisfaction.



Picture Butte, AB

Near Picture Butte, Alberta, Ben’s Quality Meats is a four-generation farm from the Munton family. Their overriding passion for nearly 100 years has been to deliver the proven tenderness and superior taste that only Premium Benchmark Angus Cattle can provide.



Stettler, AB

Located just east of Stettler, Lone Pine Colony Farm takes great pride in producing the healthiest, juiciest chickens for its customers. Its chickens are grown without the aide of antibiotics, medication or hormones, while being fed homegrown grain produced on their farm. Lone Pine Colony Farm has been awarded numerous certifications attesting to the humane care they give their animals.