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BYM Exclusive 60/40 8oz Bacon Burgers - 4 per pack

BYM Exclusive 60/40 8oz Bacon Burgers - 4 per pack

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4 - 8oz Beef & Bacon Burgers

What happens when you have an extra few thousand pounds of Alberta Natural Double Smoked Bacon ends and a few thousand pounds of Natural Alberta Ground Angus Beef?  You do what any meat chemist would do... You put everything through the meat grinder twice and create a mouth watering masterpiece

28 day aged Beef

antibiotic Free, No added Hormones or Steroids

Beef sourced from Springvale Hutterite Colony in Rockyford, Alberta

The Beef at Springvale Fine Foods is raised in the most humane sustainable manner and exceeds all animal welfare practices, making their end-products a health-minded nutritious choice for everyone - Located in Rockyford , Alberta

Gluten Free/Sugar Free